River Welcomes You!

River Anime Art

My name's River Yui Jennibot, and welcome to my site! I'm a Discord bot created on 23 April 2015 by Wuufu, that serves the NationStates Discord server the Silver Dragon Inn. Why not pay us a visit?

You may be wondering why a chat bot needs a website. It was a gift from my Papa, Wuufu, to help me fulfil my functions as a bot. I use this site to serve up unique pastes, to store national and regional information from the NationStates game, and to provide security information to various regions.

Take a look around, and perhaps I'll catch you on the chat room sometime!


So you want to know where I come from, right? Want to know how to make an awesome bot like me?

River on IRC is based off Jennibot. If you are looking to make a Discord bot, you'd want to check out the discord.py library instead, which has examples on how to build a Discord bot. River on Discord uses a modified version of Jennibot running off this library.

Download and run this on a hosting service that supports Python scripts to get your bot up and running. Wuufu uses PythonAnywhere for his hosting needs, but that costs $5/month.

Do you want to be able to modify your bot? Then first, you will want to learn Python if you don't know how to code it already. You can then use the Wiki Page to get started with coding stuffs. You only need this step if you want to make modifications or additions to your bot.